Justyna Smolarczyk


Meeting’s duration: 50 minutes
Services: legal consultation

 We also offer legal services at our Internet Clinic. Anyone can easily arrange a legal online consultation without leaving home. Our lawyer is at your disposal. Report your difficulty, and she/he will make every effort to find the most effective solution.

The big advantage of the meeting is that you can make an appointment with our lawyer from anywhere in the world.
The first meeting is primarily the presentation of the problem and expectations of help.
The session lasts 50 minutes and during it, the lawyer will map out a specific path for further cooperation.

pomoc prawna przez internet

1. Choose a specialist

We have a group of experienced
and valued specialists for your disposal

2. Choose a convenient date

Thanks to online visits, you can get help
whenever and wherever you want

3. Fill in Your company password

After the reservation there is a place to fill in
the password You get from Your HR department


Details of the chosen consultation will be sent to you by email.
Remember – your visits are confidential and no one, except you and our specialist, has access to your data.
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