Monika Karwińska

career development psychologist,
cross-cultural psychologist,
psychotherapist in progress


Meeting’s duration: 50 minutes
Communicator: Zoom
Patients: youth, adults

Izabela Pakuła



Meeting’s duration: 50 minutes
Communicator: Zoom
Patients: adults

Justyna Janiak

Psychologist, Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapist in progress, Cuples Therapist


Meeting’s duration: 50 minutes
Communicator: Zoom
Patients: adults

Sonia Bandrowska

family and couples therapist


Meeting’s duration: 50 minutes
Communicator: Zoom
Patients: adults

Ksenia Lasek

psychologist for children and youth


Meeting’s duration: 50 minutes
Communicator: Zoom
Patients: children, youth, parents

Jakub Fyda

psychotherapist in progress


Meeting’s duration: 50 minutes
Communicator: Zoom
Patients: adults

Adrianna Malińska

intercultural psychologist,
cultural expert


Meeting’s duration: 50 minutes
Communicator: Zoom
Patients: adults

Internet Clinic offers a various psychological and psychotherapeutical support. All our therapists are commited to their duties and have a various professional experience.
There is a short note on the website about each specialist and problems they can help You handle with.
All of them have an individual approach to the patient. They also offer help in working methods, online therapy, parental counseling and therapeutical support.

The first consultation does not require any special preparation. But if you have important medical documentation, it is worth having it with you during a meeting. People wonder about an online therapeutical consultation – what is it like? Our specialists are tolerant and understanding people, who work in accordance with all rules of confidentiality. An online office is a place where you will feel safe, and it is You, who decide where to connect with a therapist and when, by choosing time yourself. In these conditions you will be able to feel comfortable. Additionally, an online meeting lasts 50 minutes.

The first meetings will be based on a detailed interview about your life. You will be asked about Your childhood, life and family relationships, work life, relationships and past illnesses. It is also a time to ask specialist questions. A good one will follow you and you will feel that someone wants to listen and help you.

WARNING! The psychologist or psychotherapist will not order pharmacological treatment for you, but may sugesst going to another specialist, for example a psychiatrist, who will possibly implement supportive pharmacological treatment, if it will be necessary.

After an interview, the therapist will give you feedback in which direction you need to go next.
He may also finally propose constant contact with a psychotherapist and start online therapy. It all depends on the problem you are struggling with and the time you asked for help. That is why it is so important to take care of mental health and not to underestimate our difficulties.

Regular meetings and honesty are the first steps to feel better. Not only people struggling with disorders visit a therapist. Sometimes we just need to discuss our life dilemmas with an objective and professional person. Do not postpone this kind of help, because unresolved problems come back to us at the most unexpected moments, and mostly ever bigger.

Below you can get examples of problems, with which a specialist can help You. If you are struggling with another difficulty that disrupts your daily functioning, we also encourage you to contact with us.

– Problems in the parental or educational field,
– Relationship difficulties, marital crisis, betrayal,
– Mourning,
– Struggling with cancer or someone close to you,
– Excessive stress,
– Problems in relationships with other people,
– Burnout,
– Lack of motivation,
– Nutrition problems,
– Broken friendship,
– Not accepting yourself,
– Phobias and fears,
– Problems with getting pregnant,
– Aggression,
– Constant sadness,
– Not getting along emotionally after divorce,
– Difficulties after having a baby,
– Other difficult life situations.

1. Choose a specialist

We have a group of experienced
and valued specialists for your disposal

2. Choose a convenient date

Thanks to online visits, you can get help
whenever and wherever you want

3. Fill in Your company password

After the reservation there is a place to fill in
the password You get from Your HR department


Details of the chosen consultation will be sent to you by email.
Remember – your visits are confidential and no one, except you and our specialist, has access to your data.
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