Sonia Bandrowska

psychologist, psychotherapist, family and couples therapist


Meeting’s duration: 50 minutes
Communicator: Zoom
Patients: adults

Marta Stąsiek

psychologist, psychotherapist


Meeting’s duration: 50 minutes
Communicator: Zoom
Patients: adults

It is an ideal form of psychotherapeutic support for people who do not have time to take care of themselves or who cannot come to an in-patient office, bacause of:
– A disease that causes a lack of strength
– Disability,
– No time,
– Long access to the therapy office,
– No therapists around,
– Taking care of a small child,
– Frequent business trips.

Are you experiencing a life crisis or are you struggling with difficulties that affect the quality of your life?

Do not hesitate and start online psychotherapy.

psychoterapia psychoterapeuta online przez internet
psychoterapia online psychoterapeuta przez internet

The first online sessions are actually consultations designed to get to know us an our greatest difficulties.
An online psychotherapist, just like in a stationary office, will sign a contract with you, which will include therapeutic goals and other principles. It will be an additional motivation aspect, so the theraphy will be easier.

You do not have to prepare yourself for online psychotherapy, but it is worth considering what you want to focus on – so just organize the most important events in your head. You can also prepare questions you want to ask your psychotherapist.
The duration of one session is 50 minutes and it s your choice when and where.

If any of the following difficulties have been with you for a long time, do not hesitate to make an appointment with a psychotherapist online:

– Long-term crises in the professional field,
– Complications in the relationship, betrayal,
– Difficulties in the field of education, problems related to parenthood,
– Long-lasting mourning process,
– Constant feeling of sadness
– You feel constantly anxious and worried about something, which significantly affects your daily functioning,
– Fears and phobias,
– Illness or illness of someone close to you,
– You have difficulties with your sexual orientation,
– Depression,
– Eating disorders,
– Stress,
– Problems with self-esteem,
– Breaking up with a partner, divorce,
– A sense of helplessness, suffering and emptiness,
– Your thoughts disrupt your everyday life.

psychoterapia przez internet

Take care of your mental health and do not postpone the therapy session.
Make an appointment with an online psychotherapist in a convenient and easy way.

Are you not sure if psychotherapy is the right form of support for you?
First, make an appointment with an online psychologist and you will decide together what will be good for you.


1. Choose a specialist

We have a group of experienced
and valued specialists for your disposal

2. Choose a convenient date

Thanks to online visits, you can get help
whenever and wherever you want

3. Fill in Your company password

After the reservation there is a place to fill in
the password You get from Your HR department


Details of the chosen consultation will be sent to you by email.
Remember – your visits are confidential and no one, except you and our specialist, has access to your data.
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