Dominika Parzonka

Psycho-dietitian, dietician


Meeting’s duration: 50 minutes
Patients: adults, parents
Services: psychodietetic consultation, nutritional plan

Barbara Janysek

Psycho-dietitian, nutritional adviser, coach, trainer of psychosocial skills


Meeting’s duration: 50 minutes
Patients: adults
Services: psychodietetic consultation, nutritional plan

Our health depends on many factors, i.a.:
– the mental condition we are in
–  and how we eat.

Changing our bad habits requires an interdisciplinary approach. This is why we also provided psycho-dietitic consultations in our Internet Clinic.
Thanks to them, you can take care of your mental and physical health and also eating habits.

As part of the consultation, the psycho-dietitian will prepare an individual nutritional plan designed to your needs.
An important aspect of successful cooperation with a specialist is increasing motivation and self-esteem.


1. Choose a specialist

We have a group of experienced
and valued specialists for your disposal

2. Choose a convenient date

Thanks to online visits, you can get help
whenever and wherever you want

3. Fill in Your company password

After the reservation there is a place to fill in
the password You get from Your HR department


Details of the chosen consultation will be sent to you by email.
Remember – your visits are confidential and no one, except you and our specialist, has access to your data.
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