Agata Szafran

psychologist, psycho-dietitian, personal trainer, yoga instructor


Meeting’s duration: 50 minutes
Patients: adults, parents, teenagers

Olga Rocławska

psychologist, addiction therapist


Meeting’s duration: 50 minutes
Patients: adults, parents

Katarzyna Frasunkiewicz

psychologist, cultural expert, pedagogue (in progress)


Meeting’s duration: 50 minutes
Patients: adults, parents, 
teenagers, children
(min. age 7 y.o.)

Karolina Kosmala

psychologist, psychotherapist (in progress)


Meeting’s duration: 50 minutes
Patients: adults, parents, teenagers

Anna Lubowiecka

psychologist, psychotherapist (in progress), coach


Meeting’s duration: 50 minutes
Patients: adults, parents

Agnieszka Duczek

psychotherapist, crisis intervention, special educator, Certified supervisor against domestic violence, psychotraumatologist (in progress)


Meeting’s duration: 50 minutes
Patients: adults, parents,
(min. age 14 y.o.)

Małgorzata Strzyż-Beściak

psychologist, coach


Meeting’s duration: 50 minutes
Patients: adults, parents and youth (min. age 13 y.o.)

Aleksandra Gosławska-Uramowicz

psychologist, psychotherapist, addiction psychotherapist, couples therapist, family therapist


Meeting’s duration: 50 minutes
Patients:  teenagers, children (min. age 4 y.o.),
parents, adults

In the offer of our Psychological Online Counseling Center we also provide psychological support services for children, adolescents and their parents. Our Psychologists are specialists who skillfully establish contact with young people and children, which is often a difficult challenge for a psychologist. Consultation with an online psychologist is a solution that makes it easier for parents who are worried about their children. If you are a parent who is struggling with upbringing difficulties, we encourage you to make an appointment with one of our specialists for counseling and psychological support.

The first visit does not require special preparation – all you need is internet access and a quiet place. You can talk to your child about the consultation and determine what to do with it. Probably the initial questions will concern past illnesses, interests, emotions, peer relationships, contacts with relatives, sympathy or school achievements.

After an interview, the therapist will give you feedback in which direction you need to go next.
He may also finally propose constant contact with a psychotherapist and start online therapy. It all depends on the problem you are struggling with and the time you asked for help. That is why it is so important to take care of mental health and not to underestimate our difficulties.

A good psychologist is one who will listen to you, will follow you, but also give you feedback. It may be that all you have is a psychologist, a psychologist who depends on the volume problem, or it may be that the psychologist just simply has online sessions with psychoeducation and prevention. Our specialist, if necessary, can also order a psychiatric consultation.

If you notice that any of the following difficulties concern your child, do not hesitate and seek the advice of experienced specialists now.


– You as a parent feel tired, you are not able to fully cope with the difficulties of upbringing,
– Counseling on the organization of a child’s free time,
– Youthful Rebellion,
– Reluctance to do household chores,
– Your child struggles with nightmares,
– Avoids contact with peers,
– Fears of having a bowel movement,
– Bedwetting,
– Avoiding school
– Difficult relationships with teachers,
– The constant desire to play computer games, over-watching TV, and an attempt to contact him during these activities is difficult and often ends with an outbreak of anger,
– Unexplained sadness
– Phobias and fear of specific tasks or people,
– Difficulty accepting a disability,
– Not accepting your figure, which changes with maturation,
– Eating disorders, – Parents’ separation,
– Jealousy of siblings

REMEMBER! A parent who is constantly worried about their child, a sad, angry, helpless parent is a parent who will find it difficult to come to an agreement with their child. You can also take care of your mental health and make an appointment with a specialist – Psychologist for Adults.

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