Internet Clinic is a safe and convenient solution for you and your relatives.
Take advantage of the help of experienced specialists without leaving your home.

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Problems in your personal life? Is your relationship going through a difficult period? Meet a team of experienced mental health professionals for you and your loved ones.

Loss of motivation and energy to act? Conflicts in the team? Business specialists are at your disposal to help you regain control.

Are you struggling with your child’s puberty? Are you worried about your child’s behavior? Are you struggling with educational problems? Discuss your doubts with the children’s specialist.

Do you want to take care of your appearance and improve the quality of your psychophysical state? Do you want to choose the right diet for you? A team of experienced psycho-dieticians will help you with this.

Are you struggling with legal problems? Are you looking for a lawyer? You will benefit from professional legal assistance with us.

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Reduce in involvement, lower work efficiency and finally complete burnout. These are just a few negative consequences for stressed employees.
Internet Clinic is a place, where we provide comprehensive psychological care for small businesses and large enterprises. We effectively motivate employees and develop their potential. We also provide professional support in crisis situations in Your company. We assist in the proper conduct of the restructuring process and help in resolving conflicts and making difficult decisions.

Adults and youth

Are You in a difficult family, professional or personal situation? You don’t understand your emotions, reactions or behavior? You don’t have the strength to face Your daily duties? Or maybe You just want to understand yourself better Internet Clinic is a comfortable and safe place, where we will help you understand and find a solution to Your problem. Here, in a simple way – you can improve the quality of your life without leaving Your home.

Couples and marriages

Are you experiencing a crisis in your relationships with others? You can’t come to an agreement with your relatives or family? Are you facing a difficult life choice with your partner and you don’t know what to do?
Internet Clinic is a place, where we create a space for conversation, getting to know your needs, verifying expectations and learning better communication. Meetings in an online office are a safe field to resolve conflicts, even those, which have grown over the years.


Do you have the impression that your child is too excitable? You don’t understand his or her reactions and behavior? Are you helpless trying to put the limit? Or maybe you would like to teach them how to build good relationships with others?
Internet Clinic provides access to child psychologists and educators experienced in even the most demanding clients. Together, we will ensure Your child’s proper development.
Online consultation is a safe and convenient way to get support. Have you never used this form of help? There are some tips to help you prepare for it.
Choose a quiet and peaceful place where you won’t be distracted and where you will feel comfortable. Inform Your household or family members and ask them for a moment of privacy. If you do not have the conditions to talk at home, use a garden, a car or other space, where you can talk freely. Have a glass of water or your favorite drink. You can also have tissues.
You will need a computer or telephone with an access to internet. Make sure that the equipment is charged (You may prepare a charger just in case). Place the device on a stable surface to avoid shocks. Set the screen, so that your face is visible. Good communication is ensured by headphones or a speaker and microphone in your device.
First interview
Before the first session, check if You get the connection instructions. Test the camera and microphone to see if everything is okay. Make sure, that you are connected to the internet. Don’t worry if you haven’t used this kind of communicators yet, some of them allow you to make a test call. You can also check it by contacting someone close to you.
Connection problems, especially at first, are natural. However, you can rest assured – the therapist will provide the technical assistance if it will be necessary. In case of difficulties with the Internet connection, the psychologist will contact you in another way. Even if the communicator fails, the session will be continiued.
Try to treat this consultation as an ordinary one. It is as safe and personal as an office meeting. You will be surprised how quickly you forget that the session is online.
The success of the online therapy depends on the patient’s problem. Research has confirmed that online support is efficient in the case of depression and anxiety disorders (neuroses). Currently, due to the epidemic, psychological and psychotherapeutic associations says that this kind of help is allowed.
We only use applications with security data system. All voice and video calls and files are encrypted.
Internet Clinic is a convenient and safe solution for people who, for some reason, can’t use a stationary visit. It takes place in conditions that are comfortable for You, at the time and place you choose.
Online consultations are for adults, parents, children and adolescents. They can be used by a person struggling with various psychological problems. No matter where you are, you can use our help.
Internet clinic enables online consultation via application with a chosen specialist at a chosen time. You will only need a computer or smartphone and internet access. The visit is safe, and there is no need to leave your home.
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